Eetza Research Associates have experience working throughout the Great Basin, California, Idaho, Oregon and Washington states but our primary emphasis is in the state of Nevada. We have assessed archaeological properties and examined peoples and cultures from the Paleoindian Period to Late prehistoric and ethnographic groups and have prepared over 300 technical reports since 1975 (with former employers). At Eetza Research Associates we have the expertise to offer a complete-spectrum of archaeological services and solutions to the various project requirements including its technical needs of today incorporating the Secretary of the Interior’s Professional Qualifications Standards developed by the National Parks Service 36 CFR Part 61. At the request of our clients we provide efficient, effective resource management and conservation services for their needs and offer recommendations. 

Eetza's extensive cultural resource expertise with 30 years in transportation recognize us as leaders in transportation archeology in the States of Washington, Idaho but principally in the State of of Nevada. Offering Class II and Class III Archaeological Resource Surveys and Inventories (highways, frontage roads, bridges, railroads, material borrow pit sources and related infrastructure), Record Searches-Literature Review, Archaeological Inventories, Evaluation and Testing, National Register Eligibility Determination, Historic Preservation Office Consultation, Treatment Plans, Monitoring, Sensitivity Studies, NEPA, Section 106, Section 4(f), NAGPRA/ARPA Compliance and Desert Tortoise Surveys and Relocation essential to obtain solutions and compliance goals for our clients. In addition we also offer testing and full excavation, artifact cataloguing, curation and storage of artifacts, radiocarbon and TL dating, data recovered diseminated in professional reports.

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