The Eetza Formation of the Carson Desert area, as defined by Morrison and Frye (1965) is the oldest formation of the lacustrine sediments of the Lahontan Valley Series of the western Great Basin (Morrison and Frye 1965: 12, Figs. 2 & 6). This formation can be appreciated in the surrounding landscape at Rye Patch Reservoir. Our affinity to this area originated when in 1977 we excavated a mammoth tusk confined within this formation.

Our Mission

At Eetza Research Associates we strive with a creative approach and high quality work to further research goals through new methods and techniques providing our clients cost effective recommendations to their needs, specific problems and answers to research questions. We believe that a thorough approach and consideration of cultural resources is vital to achieve a complete investigation and successful data recovery in the environmental review and compliance process.

Significant Accomplishments

Eetza Research Associates received two grants from the Department of the Interior, throughout the Bureau of Land Management’s Lincoln County Archaeological Initiative  (LCAI) program. The first grant was to identify presence or absence and documenting Fremont sites in Lincoln County, NV and the second grant was to restore a rock art site (graffiti-removal) engaging students from the community of Alamo, NV. In addition, it was a great honor to have been invited by the BLM to continue excavations at O’Malley Shelter in 2016, original excavations were conducted in 1967 by D. Fowler and others.

Cultural Resource Permits and Business Licenses


Eetza Research Associates, LLC is fully permitted holding current Statewide permits for conducting cultural resource investigations. From the Nevada State Museum; Antiquities Permit No. 288, including an Agreement for Curation Services, and from the Bureau of Land Management Nevada State Office; Cultural Resources Use Permit N-89309. Currently holds a current Business License from the State of Nevada, Office of the Secretary of State and from the Lincoln County Business Department.

Acknowledgments (building the website)

This website was made possible with the assistance and the wonderful ideas of all members of our team at Eetza Research Associates and personal friends. Jim Bunch -offered ideas, reviewed the pages content and made recommendations. But, our deepest gratitude goes to Phil Johncock – a wonderful friend for more than 30 years, and who in 2012 was instrumental for this website to become a reality, offered guidance regarding organization and content behind the scenes and initial layout. Steve Stearns sketched our company's mammoth logo. Lastly, me, finalized this website and responsible for the initial website content.  After many late nights, I can appreciate now the high cost of a professional website designer.

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